Over 50 years we have been your professional

partner regarding commercial engine units and

service on the West- and East Frisian North 

Sea coast.


Installation, repair and maintenance of engine

units for the inshore fishing and the island 

shipping companies are our main business.

We also look after, maintain and service a

number of engines in block heating and

generating plants.

Our success is based on a well equipped work-

shop and highly motivated employees that

made our name wellknown in Europe. 

For nearly 50 years we have been a partner


We also sold a lot of VOLVO PENTA engine

units as auxiliary equipment for seagoing

container ships worldwide. 

Our operational area reaches worldwide.


Round the clock we can be reached by phone,

and so technical advice for the personnel on 

board a ship can be given even at 3 a.m.

Here a short extract of our references

Alexander von Humboldt II

Supply of the Volvo Penta Engines :


1 x Volvo Penta D 16 - 750 MH

2 x Volvo Penta D 12 MG ( Genset´s )

1 x Volvo Penta D 7 A T ( RC Genset ) 

Double-ended ferry " Frisia IV "


Supply of 4 Volvo Penta D 30 A / MT in 2002

Power: 610 kW at 1500 rpm




Engine room " Frisia IV "


Drive: diesel electric with

Voith steering propeller

Engine room "Frisia III"


Supply of the  Engines :


4x Mitsubishi S6 R2 T2-MPTK 

in 2015


Power per Unit: 640kw @1500rpm

We would be pleased to assist and help you

with your technical problems and be delighted

to be of service to you.


The team of the company 

Petzelberger Engine Center