The company was founded in 1952 by Hans Petzelberger

in Aurich as a crankshaft and cylinder grinding shop

(on picture second to the right).

The first headquarters were at the street Breiter Weg.



The increasing order situation and personnel required more space. In 1956 the company was relocated to the Wallster Weg in Aurich.


 After a short period again more space was needed and

the company finally moved to the Emder Strasse in 1959.


At that time Juergen Petzelberger (centre) started

his training as engine mechanic journeyman in his

father’s company.


 In 1966 the cooperation with VOLVO PENTA began. The very first sale of a commercial VOLVO PENTA ship’s dieselengine in Germany was done by the company Petzelberger of Aurich and installed into a fishing vessel

(picture: Volvo Penta TMD 100 A).

On January 1st in 1969 Juergen Petzelberger, now engine master craftsman, took
over. Parallel to the sale and service of commercial ship’s engines Juegen Petzelberger
successfully sold Volvo cars as well from 1969 to 1979 due to the great demand in the
region East Frisia.

The sale of Volvo cars was stopped in 1979 because of the increasing sales and installations of VOLVO PENTA driving systems for pleasure and commercial applications.

The Petzelberger company exclusively specialized in working for the professional shipping on the West and East Frisia North Sea coast.

Since then the Petzelberger company has sold and installed more than 400 commercial VOLVO PENTA engines for main drive units.

Since 1st August 1986 the third generation is in on it. Hans-Juergen Petzelberger
did his training as engine mechanic journeyman in the parental company.

After several years of practise in the workshop and outside the office he successfully completed a two-year Technical Training School in 1993.

From that time on Hans-Juergen Petzelberger also worked as dealer for new and secondhand engines. At the same time he successfullycompleted the Night School for Mechanical Engineering Master Craftsmen in 1996.

Since 01.01.2004 Hans-Juergen Petzelberger is the sole managing director of the business

Since 01.11.2005 Hans-Juergen Petzelberger is the shareholder & managing director.